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What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular Therapy is a very specific and scientific massage technique. Spasms or Trigger Points set up at neuro receptor sites in muscle tissue through out the body. Every muscle has a predetermined pattern of where and number of spasms that will set up in that particular muscle. Each spasm also has a specific pain pattern that it causes. The pain can be local to where the spasm is located or it can refer to an entirely different part of the body. For an example the psoas is a muscle in the front of the body in the abdomen area that refers pain to the lower back. The spasms and pain patterns are the exact same in every human being. Blood flow is essential to muscle tissue for three specific reasons:
1. It removes toxins 2. It provides nutrition 3. It provides oxygen
When the primary spasms set up in muscle tissue it slows down the rate of blood flow to that muscle which then causes ischemia (lack of blood flow), the ischemia then causes the muscle to become hyper tonic and allows the secondary spasms to set up. Usually there is a primary spasm and then satellite or secondary spasms that then set up later. As the initial muscle becomes more contracted, toxic, tender and begins to refer pain, we then start to compensate for that pain then secondary muscles become involved. It basically is a domino effect that just continues to get worse until we have limited range of motion from the pain. Spasms set up in muscle tissue for a variety of reasons, over use (repetitive stress movement), under use (staying in the same position, i.e. sitting), miss use (a secondary muscle firing when it should be a primary mover), trauma (an accident of some sort, or a viral or bacterial infection).